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Our Approach

Performance at 3 Levels

Performance improvement takes place at different organisation levels:
(i) Individual Leader (ii) Executive Team (iii) Total Organisation.


Level # 1: Working with Individual Leaders

Executive effectiveness is the foundation of high performance organisations. Key questions which senior executives need to address include:

Chief Executives

  • Is our organisation strategy correct? (for today and tomorrow)
  • Are our competitors gaining an edge?
  • What are customers saying about our organisation?
  • How are we performing vis a vis peer benchmarks?


  • Can we accomplish more with less?
  • Is the power of technology fully utilised?
  • Can we reduce costs and continually rightsize the organisation?
  • Are we tracking key metrics and measuring progress?

Human Resources

  • Does our employer brand attract the best available talent?
  • How do we develop and retain high potential talent?
  • Is our organisation culture ‘change-able’?
  • Are we fully engaging staff/their representatives? 

Building Competence, Communication & Commitment 

Competence: We custom-design development programmes for individuals including mentoring and one-on-one coaching with new and established leaders.

Communications: We develop a clear understanding of stakeholders expectations, improving engagement with the board and key internal audiences. A key goal is to build superior communications skills (presenting, writing, listening).

Commitment: Outside factors sometimes distract an executives’ focus (work/life balance issues, bereavement etc). Using a counselling diagnostic toolkit, we offer skilled support to overcome temporary difficulties. Where this is not achievable, we work with organisations to transition to new leaders (including outplacement, replacement hiring and managing the internal communications around this).


Level #2: Building Powerful Executive Teams

Effective teamwork is a key ingredient within company boards and executive groups. While perfect teamwork is not always attainable, high quality relationships at senior levels is a legitimate aspiration. Some organisations never achieve their potential due to interpersonal conflicts and difficulties. 

That’s where we offer support. The dynamics which underpin high performance executive teams are well understood. Tandem Consulting have access to the most talented team development consultants in Ireland with a track record of building superb executive team capability. 


Level #3: Developing High Performance Organisations

High performance organisations embed the value of continuous improvement. Performance breakthroughs can come from strategic moves e.g. alliances or new product developments. Sometimes they are less dramatic, but nonetheless important, initiatives around cost reduction or operational excellence (e.g. lean process re-engineering). Whatever the vehicle, performance improvement is a critical ingredient in the success mix. The best led organisations exhibit a number of key characteristics:

i. Strategic Clarity: Customer promise, mission, unique selling proposition.

ii. Operational Excellence: Delivery of the strategy, including future readiness.

iii. Staff Engagement: The pursuit of noble organisational goals both attracts talent and releases energy from existing staff. 


Bottom Line: High performance is driven by a relentless focus on results.

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