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Covid-19: Leading in a Time of Crisis

- The Magnificent 6 - Covid-19: Leading in a Time of Crisis: June 2020

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Executive Teambuilding: Dos and Don'ts

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of approaches to teambuilding which add real value - and to outline some useful tools. A central point is that poor teamwork significantly impacts organisational performance and this seldom ‘gets better on its own'...
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Fast Start: New Manager Assimilation Process

On-boarding' a new executive, poses specific organisational challenges. A particularly useful technique to help senior employees settle into a role is Fast Start, an assimilation process for new managers. Appropriate timing for this is normally 1-4 weeks after the manager has joined the organisation...
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Is Ireland Becoming ‘Union-Free'?

When I first became interested in the non-union sector in the 1980's, this was a somewhat exotic topic, peripheral to the main thrust of Industrial Relations where the collective bargaining model predominated...
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Social Engineering: Internal Marketing of the Company Mission & Values

This article provides a roadmap for internally marketing your organisation mission. It is based on my experience working with both commercial and not-for-profit organisations who have successfully articulated their core mission/values to an Irish audience...
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Lessons in International Leadership: Why some Executive Careers Derail

Q: How easy is it for your organization to take a €1 Million Bet?
A: Simple. Just hire or promote a General Manager to an overseas role!
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